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Lucy’s Story:

The following story was chosen at random to be our memory winner for Feb 2019. Thank you Lucy!

my niece who is from Mexico has NEVER tasted Jeanne’s cake. Her favourite flavour is chocolate. So I phoned to order a cake to be picked up on Mon. as we were heading out to Victoria Beach on Tues. a.m. However, I was told that Jeanne’s is closed on Mon. but delivery is made to Sobey’s. I called Sobey’s & they actually had a log cake in Chocolate!!! My niece & everybody else just loved it. thank-you Jeanne’s for making Corina’s b.d. special.

The following story was chosen at random to be our memory winner for January 2019. Thank you Barb!

Where do I begin my relationship with Jeanne’s cakes? Ever since I can remember every special occasion, be it birthday, Christmas, graduations, baby and wedding showers, anniversaries and “just becauses” (which were my favourite times) a Jeanne’s cake was on the table waiting for candles to be blown out and songs sung to commerate the special event. It was never a matter of where should we get the cake for the event in question, rather it was “who is ordering and picking up what size and flavor of Jeannie’s cake?” I always recall my brother Gary mixing his cake and ice cream into a yummy cake mousse and me, I loved that shortbread crust with chocolate shavings mixed with delicate flowers made of icing. A one of a kind -never to be matched recipe that is the cornerstone of so many wonderful memories for so many people. I recall a special one for my 21st birthday and the reason it was so special was because there was a Jeanne’s cake to mark the occasion. It was and is an iconic piece of my family history and it’s made history period. I introduced my husband to it when we met and any new friend of my daughters’ was ushered into the mystical and totally addictive world of Jeanne’s cakes. When my husband and i moved to Edmonton my mom and dad painstakingly froze and boxed up cakes off to us via Greyhound!! What an amazing treat they were to pick up. Years later, after my husband was killed it became a source of comfort when we were lucky enough to find an agent in Calgary that carried them and my daughter drove down many times to bring some back, and seeing that cake once again transported me back to that happy place . Just recently on my birthday this past Thanksgiving my future son in law, who is from New York and knew of our family passion for these cakes, arranged for a cake to be picked up for me for my dinner. I say this sincerely, that cake topped any material gift purchased because it was a a gift of the most precious kind -a cherished memory. And when i gingerly placed my fork through that crunch of shaved chocolate and the velvet icing right through to the crisp shortbread crust I was transported back to the Notre Dame bakery smelling the aroma and promise of a treasured delight. Thank you to the generations of amazing bakers and a truly delicious recipe for baking a little piece of your heart and soul into each and every cake!

Jeanne’s cakes have been a family tradition since I was little. When picking up a birthday cake for our sons 26th birthday, I saw this gorgeous cake with blue icing! My husband and I had just come back from this tropical trip of a lifetime(we won the trip at a charity event we supported) and my girlfriends invited me to come share my holiday pictures with them. I got the idea to create a tropical cake for them to enjoy for our evening! Voila…girls nite out! (picture attached) I think I had the most fun creating the sand with demerera sugar and tropical theme. The cake was a hit!

Gina Anderson

Jeanne’s cakes have been a family tradition since I was little. When picking up a birthday cake for our sons 26th birthday, I saw this gorgeous cake with blue icing! My husband and I had just come back from this tropical trip of a lifetime(we won the trip at a charity event we supported) and my girlfriends invited me to come share my holiday pictures with them. I got the idea to create a tropical cake for them to enjoy for our evening! Voila…girls nite out! (picture attached) I think I had the most fun creating the sand with demerera sugar and tropical theme. The cake was a hit! Your MemoriesMy husband, Jon, and I were married on March 30, 1968. As a wedding gift, my sister bought the wedding cake, which we requested be a Jeanne’s cake. Jeanne’s cakes have been a long standing tradition in my family for birthdays. There was a layered white cake used for all the photos and a slab cake to be served to guests.

During the wedding reception, we walked around to the tables and served pieces of cake to our guests. When we got to my sister’s table, which was across the room from where we’d started, she let out a scream! There was no shortbread on the bottom of the cake.

Your MemoriesWe went running into the kitchen to find that the staff at the hotel had thrown the shortbread into the garbage thinking that it was a cardboard base!! It wasn’t funny at the time, but it has served for a great story for the past 40 years. In addition, we kept the upper layer of the wedding cake in the freezer until our 25th wedding anniversary. We took it out of the freezer, took it to my sister’s for our anniversary dinner celebration, put the bell decoration on top and took photos. We didn’t dare to eat it after 25 years but we had fun remembering the “no shortbread story”.

I have a photo of us serving the cake at our wedding and photos of the layered cake at the wedding and at our 25th anniversary. I also have a copy of the bill for the cake – a grand sum of $16.50!! Jeanne’s cakes are still a tradition in our family, especially for birthdays. We also like the convenience of being able to pick them up from locations close to home.


This past week, I ordered a cake for my aunt for her 90th birthday. I’m not sure why, but when I saw your contact e-mail, I wanted to just let you know our families’ connection to Jeanne’s Bakery. I guess a milestone birthday like 90 will do that to people…..

My grandparents immigrated to Winnipeg from Belgium at the same time as the Van Landegems (Jeanne and her husband). My mother and aunts grew up with the Van Landegems and were good friends with their “kids” – so whenever we visited the bakery over the years, my mother had to say hello Winnipegers, I “grew up” on Jeanne’s Cakes. To this day, not a family birthday goes by without one.

Anyways, 90 years later, here we are celebrating another birthday with another Jeanne’s cake. Here’s to cakes that feel like “home” and remind us of our roots.

P.S. Marguerite’s 90th birthday celebration was a great success, with the Jeanne’s cake centre stage. Keep up the good work, carrying on the Jeanne’s cake tradition.


My children and I moved to Calgary in 1982. Before that, for every one of our birthdays, I would pick up our favorite cake – the Marble Jeannie Cake! After we moved birthdays never seemed the same but anytime I went home to Winnipeg (yes Wpg. is still home after all these years), I would bring home a Jeannie cake. Carrying that and the Koubasa and Kub bread would get me some strange looks going through security  For awhile there was a store at the airport that sold the cakes that made it very convenient Needless to say my family looked forward to my returning home.

I had told all my Calgary friend about the famous Jeannie cakes and one day I got a phone call from a friend here in Calgary that they were for sale at an independent grocery a store in the northeast of Calgary! The store is owned by former Winnipegers who import them to Calgary. Yay! I immediately called my daughter to tell her the exciting news. Just happens that she lives just a few blocks from that store! Needless to say our next family get together included Marble Jeannie Cake for dessert.

My next birthday I had two Jeannie cakes – one from my friends and one from my kids. Now we can pick up a cake for any occasion My Grandson just turned 12 and guess what cake he asked for on his birthday? Yup a Jeannie cake. That’s the third generation of Jeannie Cake lovers.
PS I always save my “crust” to savour last.

Heather Dickson

Jeannie’s Bakery was the utopia of all our birthday parties. I grew up in a family of nine. Times were tough. Ordering in food or purchasing store bought baking was unheard of in the 60’s. BUT, when it was someone’s birthday, my Mom always and I mean always, order a Jeannie’s cake. Later on in life we all went our different ways in life. When my Mom got wind that I was coming home for a visit, she always made sure that a Jeannie’s cake was waiting for me.

The smell of the icing and biting into that great cake with a shortbread crust was pure heaven. I always made sure that I bought one to take home with me. It would remain frozen in slices in my freezer and late at night I would sneak downstairs and each a piece without anybody knowing. I wasn’t one to SHARE my cake. What a great product. I never did ask my Mom how she found you but I’m glad she did.

Christine Dino

I had first birthday in Canada when I was 4 years old. It was the first time I ever had Jeanne’s cake. I loved the chocolate shavings. From that time on I always asked for Jeanne’s cake for my birthday – marble was my favorite flavor. When I was away for school in North Dakota – I brought over Jeanne’s cake for my American classmates- they loved it too. Since completing all my courses, working all over & traveling the globe I know that Jeanne’s cake is the best in the world. I can’t believe that I’ll be 39 years old this year & I will always order Jeanne’s cake.

Karen Reid

With sadness, I write this email as I am just finishing my last piece of Jeanne’s cake from my freezer. Since my grandma’s death 7 years ago, we are privileged to have Jeanne’s cake only a couple times a year. My grandma would fly out to Vancouver two times a year until she was in her 80’s and would always bring two cakes along with her. As children, one of the first things we would ask her as she stepped off the plane, “Did you bring the cakes?” Jeanne’s cakes have been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. When we lived in Winnipeg, in the late 70’s, the cakes would always be in the family birthday pictures. At a recent family gathering, my cousins and I ate our Jeanne’s cake together and we began talking about how we eat our cake.

Everyone agreed that you must eat the cookie last. I have also taught this lesson to my husband 14 years ago and more recently my sister in law. As I mentioned earlier, we now only have Jeanne’s cake a couple times a year when our family visit Winnipeg. When my cake arrives in Vancouver, I quickly place it in my freezer and eat one piece a night. I don’t like to share it with my family members as I admit, I am a little greedy when it comes to my cake. Thank you Jeanne’s bakery for making such wonderful cakes. They are really a treat for my family!

Fred Solarz

Hello, I was recently going through some pictures and came across my very 1st Jeanne’s Birthday Cake in 1962, and then I found a picture with my 17th Jeanne’s Birthday Cake in 1978. I joined the Canadian Military shortly after my 17th Birthday and this adventure took me away from Winnipeg and my Jeanne’s Birthday Cakes.
But I will always have the memories of the best Birthday cakes ever.

I have been back to Winnipeg for short visits, but not often enough. In 1982 I was posted in a Canadian Forces Base in West Germany, in 1983 I was married, and in 1985 our first Son was born.

MemoriesIn 1986 we were able to travel from Germany to visit family in Winnipeg. Our Son’s first birthday took place during this visit…so you guessed it, his first birthday cake was a Jeanne’s Cake, unfortunately that was the last time I savoured a Jeanne’s Cake.

My eldest son is now in the Canadian Forces, he is posted in Western Canada.  In January or February he will be stopping to visit family while passing through Winnipeg, I will remind him of his first Jeanne’s Cake, and see if he will be able to relive one of my memories.

I’m sitting here writing this email craving a Jeanne’s Cake, I’ll see if my sister can send me one in the mail…Ha Ha, Hee Hee.

I sincerely want to thank you for the memories that Jeanne’s has brought out; until I found your Web page many of these memories had been repressed.

Kindest, Sharon Wong

Our family had lived in Winnipeg from the early 50s to early 70s.  I remember that each year my dad bought my mom a red velvet cake from Eatons (when Eatons had a bakery) and each kid had a cake from Jeanne’s Bakery for their birthday.  My mom and dad had passed a few years ago; and no doubt this was very hard on all the kids.  We all grieve very differently and all at different paces.  Just recently my older brother had begun opening up on his memories of mom and dad… and of course his memories always included how dad always bought a Jeanne cake–always remembering the shortbread crust.  It is interesting how people remember such wonderful gestures and wonderful tastes–birthdays and cake.  His birthday is coming up at the end of March and no doubt I will look into having a Jeanne cake being shipped out to Vancouver–it will be a nice memory for all of us.

Thank you so very much for baking up such wonderful memories for our family.

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