Jeanne’s Bakery began serving their delicious dainties and cakes to Winnipeggers in the early 1930’s. Their reputation grew and in 1939 they were asked to supply dainties to King George and Queen Elizabeth at Government House, as part of their Canadian Tour. The Royal couple enjoyed them so much, that Jeanne’s was granted the privilege of becoming purveyors to Royal visitors at Government House. In the years ahead, Jeanne Van Landeghem (namesake of Jeanne’s Bakery) was invited to Government House to have dainties and tea with Royal visitors.

Some recent history that shows the popularity of Jeanne’s Cakes came about the summer when Jennifer Lopez came to Winnipeg to film a movie. During the filming she had a birthday, and Winnipeg wanted to show their appreciation by giving her a Jeanne’s birthday cake. It was enjoyed, and two weeks later two more cakes were ordered, by her entourage. Monty Hall, a famous Winnipegger who now lives in California, always picks up a Jeanne’s cake when he visits.

When walking through the Winnipeg Airport you will often see people heading home to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and other great Canadian cities, with a Jeanne’s cake box in hand. Our unique cake has wide spread appeal and we know there is much work ahead to make it available nationally and perhaps even internationally!