Jeanne’s Bakery was Established in 1936

Jeanne's Bakery was Established in 1936.
We are proud to call Winnipeg HOME!

Jeanne’s Bakery was established in 1936; what is one thing you love about Jeanne’s?

It could be the taste of the traditional cake, or the crunch of our chocolate curls. Maybe it is the friendly faces that come along with the cake? Or it is the memories that come rushing back when walking through the bakery.

I could not tell you how many times we have customers that walk through our doors and share a dear memory. Jeanne’s Bakery, yes it sells cakes and pastries; but it is so much more. It is like a key that unlocks a door that has a room full of memories. Memories as a kid with parents, or telling someone you may know how they MUST try this Winnipeg Famous Tradition. Whatever it maybe, Jeanne’s Bakery is a proud Winnipeg establishment. 

Home to Winnipeg’s Best Birthday Cakes

Jeanne’s Bakery is proud to call Winnipeg Home!

We have moved the the following temporary hours duing the during COVID-19 Outbreak! Open Tuesday - Friday 10:30 - 5:30 Open Saturday 9:00 - 3:30 Call 204.774.2554 to place your order. Stay safe!