Survival Kit – Open Letter to Jeannes Bakery During Covid-19 Outbreak

Dear Jeanne’s Bakery,

The other day I sent my husband a picture of the emergency food kit I made for our home.

The typical canned soups, tuna,  hamburger helper and pasta etc.

His first question when he looked at the picture was “Shouldn’t there be Jeanne’s cake in there?”.

At this point, I reminded him that a cake is not a non-perishable food item.

Last Friday after running around for toilet paper, not because we are hoarding but we were actually in need of toilet paper, I phone him to tell him I’m just stopping for gas and heading home after an exhausting unsuccessful hunt at 7 different stores.

His response to me saying “Did you at least get a Jeannnes cake?”

Clearly he won’t give that up until he gets one. So I agree to stop into our local Sobeys and providing the lines weren’t too long I would get him one.

I go into the store, I get him his marble Jeanne’s cake, and decide to walk around the back of the store. Low and behold there sits a brand new pallet of 24 roll toilet paper packs!

My husband’s love and of Jeanne’s Bakery cakes led me to the pot of gold pallet of toilet paper! He has a cake. And we have toilet paper.  Our survival kit is complete. 🙂

I hope this story brings you a little bit of joy during our troubled times. Stay healthy and keep baking your wonderful cakes! Somewhere out there someone’s survival kit needs one!

Suzanne Rosko

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